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RULES AND REGULATIONS: (Revised 2015-2016 Season)

1. Games will be scheduled by date and time. Any rescheduling must be cleared through the Division Director.

2. If the public schools are closed or released early due to weather conditions, the games are automatically canceled and will be made up.

3. A forfeit will be declared if four (4) players, in uniform are not present to play at game time. A player may not play without a team shirt.

4. Playing time will be determined by the number of players available at each game. Substitutions will be made at five (5) minute clock intervals during each 20-minute half. All players will play equal playing time when possible. Although coaches have discretion as to the scheduling of playing time, failure to observe minimum playing time with respect to any player, will result in a forfeit of the game. This rule will be enforced without exception. The burden of proof is on the coach. Listed below is the playing time schedule based on 5 to 10 player rosters.
5 players = All 5 players play 40 minutes
6 players = 4 players play 35 minutes, 2 players play 30 minutes
7 players = 5 players play 30 minutes, 2 players play 25 minutes
8 players = All 5 players play 25 minutes
9 players = 4 players play 25 minutes, 5 players play 20 minutes
10 players = All 10 players play 20 minutes

5. As a matter of normal participation players are expected to attend practices as well as games. In the event a coach feels a player is not practicing enough to warrant playing in games, the following course of action is recommended.
a. When it becomes apparent that there is an attendance problem the coach should discuss the matter with the player and parents to see if the situation can be resolved. It should be mentioned at this time that continued absenteeism could affect their game playing status.
b. If the problem continues and the manager now determines he must withhold the player from a game, the player and the parents should be notified prior to the game. In addition, the Director and opposing coach should be notified prior to the game. This action having been taken, the provision for the minimum playing requirement rule will not apply to that player.

6. Only two coaches should sit on the team bench. Children, not playing in the game, need to sit in the stands.

7. No profanity will be allowed before, during or after games. Any coach or player using profanity will be assessed a technical foul. The Miola Basketball League Directors will review any occurrence that is reported.

8. All technical fouls are two shots plus ball.

9. Heckling game officials, coaches, or players will not be tolerated. In the case of players or coaches, a technical foul will be assessed. In the case of spectators heckling one verbal warning will be given. This warning will be followed by a technical foul and if further problems exist, the game officials or director will declare the game over and will vacate the gym. Spectators and coaches are expected to control their emotions. This is a children's basketball league. Unbecoming behavior will not be tolerated.

1O. The coaches box will be considered to be any space adjacent to the court and directly in front of the team bench Failure to stay in the coaches box will draw a warning on the first violation. Second violations will result in a technical foul.

11. Coaches discussions or comments to game officials will be limited to the times when the ball is not in play, and then only at the scorers table which is away from the players. Officials will make themselves available at the scorer's table between quarters, at halftime, and during all time outs. Coaches should not approach the scorer's table while the ball is in play.

12. Each coach will be responsible for having 1 designated scorekeeper and 1 timekeeper. The home team will be responsible for the scorebook and the visiting team will be responsible for the clock. The home team will be designated on the game schedule as the first team listed for each game.

13. Supervision of siblings is the reasonability of the parents. Any vandalism that occurs when games are being played will result in police investigation or discontinue of season. Please help us in this matter.

14. For the purpose of determining press violations, a defensive player will be considered to be in the front court if both feet are in the front court. Reaching across the line will be permitted as long as both feet remain in the front court. There will be a technical foul following the third warning The defensive player cannot cause a turnover or violation in the back court by attempting to play defense but can recover the ball if the offensive player loses control of the ball in the back court provided the official does not feel the defensive player attempted to play defense in the back-court.

15. Each overtime session will be 2 minutes long, with 1 extra timeout. The clock will stop on all dead ball situations. If still tied after overtime, the first team to score in next overtime wins ball game.

16. There will be (2) Halves per game, (20) minutes per half. There will be a five-minute timeout between the first and second half and each team will have two time outs per half.

17. The game clock will run continuously except for the following:
a. Clock will stop during the last two minutes of the game for all dead ball situations.
b. Clock also stops at time outs, injuries.

18. Players will be disqualified after their (5) foul. Technical will count toward team and personnel fouls. After 2 technical on any player or coach ejection will occur. This will be reported to the directors of Miola Basketball League.