Miola 4 Sports programs exist to help children in the development of positive life skills and self-concepts. Our mission is to provide safe, enjoyable recreation opportunities for all participants. It is our mission to teach the basic skills and fundam

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Paola, KS
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What is Miola Flag Football?

No Pads

No Helmets

No Contact

No Tackling,Blocking, or Diving

Nothing But Fun!

Miola Flag Football is a non-contact, 5-on-5 version of the exciting game played by the great athletes of the NFL. Players of any age or size can enjoy the passing, catching, and running action that happens in a flag football game.

In Miola Flag Football, teams use passes and runs to move the football downfield in a series of  "plays" or "downs". A play ends when the ball carrier's flag is pulled from a belt around the waist.

Miola Flag Football emphasizes participation and fun. Everyone plays and everyone contributes in flag football, no matter how big or small or young or old. It is a simple game that is easy and quick to learn. All you need is a football and your imagination.

"This is a great program to get started learning and playing football" 
Mike Dumpert, Paola High School, Head Football Coach

Now it's time to....

Play Football!

Miola Flag Football, that is.